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One-Stop for Top-Quality Kitchen Sink Accessories

Wondering how to make the kitchen more tidy and clean?

As we all are in a hurry and busy with the fast-moving lifestyle, it is very hectic for you to maintain cleanliness while being in a hurry. But with the help of our kitchen and sink accessories now, you can wash your vegetables and fruits without making any mess. This drainer will organize your vegetables and fruits by dripping all the water in the sink.

Our store offers an incredible range of must-have items to keep your kitchen sink area organized and efficient. From ingenious kitchen sink drain baskets to stylish stainless steel sink protectors, we have it all.   

We're proud of our selection of sink accessories, which are known for their quality. Our stainless steel sink protectors are strong and resistant to rust and add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. These sink protectors even come with built-in sliders, allowing you to adjust them as you like.

Can I shop this online?

Yes, you can purchase these items online. Our online store is filled with creative solutions for your kitchen needs. With just a few simple clicks, you can buy high-quality accessories to turn your kitchen sink into a well-organized and efficient space. We understand the importance of having a tidy kitchen, and our accessories are designed to simplify your life.

Don't settle for average when you can have the best. Take a look at our collection of kitchen sink accessories today and make washing dishes a breeze while reducing the stress related to your sink. Start shopping now and unlock the full potential of your kitchen sink.

Under Counter Sink - 365x315mm

Product Code:SB35A
Under Mount Sink   * Dimensions: 365*315*170mm * Stainless steel 304 grade * All Sink..
$102.00 $114.00
$102.00 $114.00
Under Counter Sink - 410x353mm

Product Code:SB41A
 Under Counter Sink 420*370*170 Bowl: 380*330 * All Sinks Avaliable With designer Wa..
$102.00 $114.00
$102.00 $114.00
Under Counter Sink - 450x430mm

Product Code:SB55A
Under counter Sink  450*430*180 Please Note** * Grade 304 Stainless Steel * Polish Fi..
$102.00 $114.00
$102.00 $114.00
Under Counter Sink - 695x450mm

Product Code:SD68B
Under-mount Sink 695*450*170 All sinks available with designer waste ..
$240.00 $271.00
$240.00 $271.00
Under Counter Sink - 785x445mm

Product Code:SD56B
Under Counter Sink Please Note** * Grade 304 Stainless Steel * Polish Finish * Thickness 0..
$240.00 $271.00
$240.00 $271.00
Under Counter Sink - 786x507mm

Product Code:SD78B
Under Counter Sink (1 & 3 1/4 Bowl)    786*507  Please Note** * Gra..
$240.00 $271.00
$240.00 $271.00
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