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Rectangle Shower Screen

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Rectangle Shower Screen

Shower Screen 10mm toughen Glass


Optional Door Panel:

900x1000x1950mm-Door can be 900 or 1000mm

900x1100x1950mm-Door can be 900 or 1100mm

900x1200x1950mm-Door 1200mm

1000x1100x1950mm-Door can be 1000 or 1100mm

1100x1200x1950mm   Door 1200mm


800x900   Door can be 800 or 900mm

800x1000 Door can be 800 or 1000mm

800x1100 Door can be 800 or 1100mm

800x1200 Door can be 800 or 1200mm


* Australian Standard
*10mm Toughen Glass
* Solid Brass Chrome Finished Hinges and Bracket
* Square Edge Hinges and Brackets
* Water proof Plastic Strip
* Includes 12mm Toughen corner glass
*Avaliable With bar handle or Knob Handle