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Choosing Shower Screen


It's very important to do your research before choosing the right shower screens. They are available in several options. Good shower screen matches your bathroom style and makes a big difference on your renovaion project.

Frameless, semi-frameless and fully-framed shower screens


Frameless Design

A frameless shower screen has no framing or rubber seals are contained in the shower screen or door, which makes it in fewer places for dirt and grime to build up in show screen. A frameless shower screen is more expensive than other shower screen types, but its clean, clear glass will open up your bathroom to make it look larger and more modern.


Semi-frameless shower screens combine the best of both worlds. These shower screens are framed, but in a much less conspicuous fashion than the fully framed screen. The so-called 'slimline' frame is typical of contemporary styling and fits quite well into any modern bathroom. Using 6mm clear toughened glass, these shower screens can easily withstand the rigours of daily use. Dirt is also less likely to be a problem, due to the small size of the frames. Semi-frameless shower screens are visually attractive and highly affordable.

A semi-frameless shower screen is braced around the perimeter of the screen (can be at the top and the bottom) but is not braced around every panel like a fully-framed shower screen. Semi-frameless shower screens are cheaper than frameless shower screens, but they look more sophisticated and contemporary than a fully-framed shower screen. This can be a good option if you are after a more modern looking bathroom also if you want to balance your budget on your bathroom renovation project.


The fully framed showerscreens is robust and a popular showerscreen design. It offers two design modes, a pivoting door or a door with sliding panels. The fully supported structure of a fully framed showerscreen allows for a wide variety of design configurations. No matter the size or layout of your bathroom an appropriate showerscreen design and configuration can be created to allow the best use of your bathroom.

Fully-framed shower screens are braced around each panel of glass. Although they are more affordable than frameless shower screens and semi-frameless shower screens, fully-framed shower screens are rarely used these days as they are less aesthetically pleasing, more difficult to clean, and mould can build up between the track and the tiles.


Shower screen door types

When choosing a new shower screen, it's also important to consider what type of door will best suit your bathroom. A pivot door provides a smooth two-way operation for those bathrooms with more room to open, while a sliding door can help you save on space. A fixed panel is an unmoving pane of glass fixed to the wall to provide a walk-in style shower with no door, whereas a fixed and swing panel will swing out to allow access. Finally, a corner unit is where two or more panels are used to create an enclosed square.


Shower screen glass options

Most shower screens in Australia are manufactured using toughened safety glass. You can choose to have a shower screen of clear, frosted or tinted glass. Clear glass can help you achieve a minimalist look in your bathroom, and it's easy to clean. Frosted and tinted glass shower screens can offer more privacy, but they often make your bathroom look smaller as they disrupt the visual flow of the room, and they may show soap scum more than a clear glass shower screen.

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